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Robicelli's a Love Story, with Cupcakes: With 50 Decidedly Grown-Up Recipes [ Allison Robicelli, Matt Robicelli, Eric Isaac] on *FREE* shipping on .
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Bake Me I'm Yours Cupcake Love An indulgent collection of 20 vintage-inspired cupcake ideas for every romantic occasion, from bestselling wedding cake designer and author Zoe Clark. Whether you are baking for a romantic celebration, creating cupcake wedding favours, showing someone that you care, or you simply adore unashamedly girly sugarcraft designs, this book will show you how to do it the fun and easy way.

Inside Bake Me I'm Yours Cupcake Love: Classic Romance--simple yet elegant cupcake designs for romantic occasions, including sugar roses and chocolate ganache, Wedgwood-style cupcakes, and an Eiffel Tower cupcake topper! Very Vintage--birdcage cupcakes, floral lace and cameo sugar models are some of the gorgeous vintage-inspire cupcake designs you will find in this chapter. Art from the Heart--this chapter is all about making fun, artistic cupcakes for less formal occasion, such as hen parties or engagement parties.

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Many of these projects are quick to make for time-pressed bakers! Flowers with Love--learn how to make sugarpaste rolled roses, plunger cutter sugar flowers and flowers made using silicone moulds to adorn your gorgeous cupcakes.

The perfect treat for someone special! Betty Crocker.

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An incredible array of swoon-worthy sweets, all starting with a mix! Bridget Thibeault. Discover easy, accessible, and fun techniques for making beautifully decorated cupcakes with Cupcake Decorating Lab! This inspiring guide starts out with basic techniques, such as frosting cupcakes with an offset spatula; using a piping bag and tips; flooding cupcake tops with icing; frosting with chocolate ganache; and tinting buttercream.

Jeff Martin. More than just a super cookbook, this is the story of how Jeff Martin created the wildly popular and fast-growing Smallcakes franchise. He shares his experiences on starting his business and coming up with some of his very first signature cupcake flavors like Cookies-n-Cream.

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He appeared on the Food Network's reality show called Cupcake Wars and famously became the guy who forgot the pumpkin in a pumpkin cupcake challenge. That popular recipe for a Pumpkin Cupcake with Cardamon buttercream is among the recipes in this book. Since they are a family owned company, he also includes his kid's favorite flavors. His son Jax loves bubble gum so they created a Bubblegum Cupcake.

His daughter Lily is a very crazy kid, so she asked her dad to come up with some crazy flavors like Orange Creamsicle and Caramel Pecan Carrot Cake. This is not just another cupcake book, it also contains recipes for ice cream and other confections offered now at Smallcakes locations such as Jeff's recipes for their famous Nutella Wella Ice cream, Mama's Chocolate Fudge, and Smallcakes Crazy Monster Cookies.

These are thirty recipes to make and enjoy with the whole family, along with 35 color photographs. Similar ebooks. Spectacular cupcake recipes made from scratch or with a mix Get ready for adorably decorated and deliciously flavored cupcakes made easy! Stamps Collins Gem. Stamp Collecting — with over 3 million enthusiasts — in the UK is a major hobby. Collins Gem Stamps provides an introduction to the subject, starting with advice on beginning a collection and recognizing the key features of stamps and indicating the many ways that a collection can develop.

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A guide to stamp collecting from starting a collection to developing specialist interests The ways in which stamps are produced and catalogued explained Hundreds of illustrations of stamps included. Megan Seling.

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Bake It in a Cupcaketakes the cupcake craze to the next level, operating on the logical assumption that the only thing better than a delicious cupcake is one with a sweet or savory treat—mini pie, fruit, chocolate kiss, breakfast cereal, baklava, cheese, even egg—hidden inside it.

Nixing cutesy, pastel-colored dollops of fluff for actual constituents and wealthy French buttercreams, the husband and spouse group have reinvented the cupcake craze for a extra refined palate, making each one a small piece of the best cake ever made. Now their striking recipes can be found to the house cook. Show description. Show sample text content. The cupcakes are performed whilst the facilities spring again for those who contact them. Brush with rum yet another time sooner than frosting. Use one or a mixture of a few—entirely as much as you. Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. Food and Wine Baking Baking titles from eBooks.

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