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Start by marking “The Beautiful and Damned” as Want to Read: How could the same F. Scott Fitzgerald who composed such a brilliant novel in The Great Gatsby have preceded it with such a lifeless moral tale? The Dandy, Anthony Patch, falls in love with the most sought-out girl: the.
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Let's leave the scenery and look at the characters. Fitzgerald starts to build up Anthony Patch with pages which, while blazing with clever irony, do not give us a picture of him in three dimensions. Later we find him using that mixture of standing aside and telling us what he says and does and acting as his intimate psychological confidant, which often betrays the autobiographer. Within rather large limits Anthony is clear, but clear as a type rather than a person. The most telling accounts of him, while real, could also seem real of other persons quite different from him in other ways.

Gloria, admirably sharp at first, deliquesces and loses her personality as Mr.

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Fitzgerald grows intimate with her, until toward the end we find her speaking very little like her earlier self, and far too much like him. She too, broadens into a person with too many characteristics which other characters could share with her and still he different.

The treatment of the two of them leaves the curious impression that Mr. Fitzgerald was at first inside Anthony's soul and watched Gloria from without, and gradually exchanged these positions.

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His treatment of the minor characters is much sharper and much more limited. They are made to live by their creator's uncanny talent for picking out their weak and foolish spot—but one spot only. They are pieces of cardboard, and on them is a bulls-eye which he never misses. To me they serve a highly useful purpose—they bring out perhaps the most important facet of Mr. Fitzgerald's mind. He hates to be bored; he loathes the obvious, the flat, the second-hand the "immemorial" he calls it , and those who utter these things, beyond any thing in the world.

And dull people who play constantly upon one dismal string of the ancient and obvious not only bore him, they rouse all the impatience in him to a high and eloquent pitch of irony.

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This irony, this impatience, which is both robust and feverish, runs all through the book. It irrevocably tinges its sentiment, it is a sort of undertone or background. Enter an Australian post code for delivery estimate.

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Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews 'The Jazz Age chronicler's first great novel. About the Author Fitzgerald was a bright, handsome and ambitious boy, the pride and joy of his parents and especially his mother. Visit F. Scott Fitzgerald's Booktopia Author Page.

Other Books by F. Scott Fitzgerald See All. Great Gatsby Alma Classics Evergreens. Great Gatsby Wordsworth Collector's Editions. Tender is the Night Vintage Classics. The Great Gatsby Wordsworth Classics. Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby Penguin Essentials.

The Beautiful And The Damned, By F Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby Vintage Classics. Tender is the Night Alma Classics Evergreen. This Side of Paradise World's Classics. Image on the Heart and Other Stories. I think there's a place for the romanticist in literature. The Beautiful and Damned is a morality tale , a meditation on love, money and decadence, and a social documentary.

It concerns the characters' disproportionate appreciation of and focus on their past, which tends to consume them in the present. According to Fitzgerald critic James West, The Beautiful and Damned is concerned with the question of 'vocation'—what does one do with oneself when one has nothing to do?

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald presents Gloria as a woman whose vocation is nothing more than to catch a husband. After her marriage to Anthony, Gloria's sole vocation is to slide into indolence; her husband's sole vocation is to wait for his inheritance, during which time he slides into alcoholism. Fitzgerald wrote The Beautiful and Damned quickly in the winter and spring of —22 while Zelda was pregnant with their daughter, [2] following editorial suggestions from his friend Edmund Wilson and his editor Max Perkins.

Following his best-selling This Side of Paradise , Scribner's prepared an initial print run of 20, copies, and mounted an advertising campaign. It sold well enough to warrant additional print runs reaching 50, copies. Fitzgerald dedicated the novel to the Irish writer Shane Leslie , George Jean Nathan, and Maxwell Perkins "in appreciation of much literary help and encouragement".

The first book tells the story of the first meeting and courtship of a beautiful and spoiled couple, Anthony and Gloria, madly in love, with Gloria ecstatically exclaiming: "mother says that two souls are sometimes created together—and in love before they're born. Book two covers the first three years of their married life together, with Anthony and Gloria vowing to adhere to. Not to be sorry, not to lose one cry of regret, to live according to a clear code of honor toward each other, and to seek the moment's happiness as fervently and persistently as possible.

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The final book recounts Anthony's disinheritance, just as the U. At the end, Anthony Patch shows some of the same revisionism as his grandfather in the opening chapter, describing his great wealth as a necessary consequence of his character rather than to circumstance. Fitzgerald writing in the closing lines of the novel:.

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  6. But he had known that he was justified in his way of life—and he had stuck it out staunchly It was a hard fight, but I didn't give up and I came through! Louise Field, writing in The New York Times , found the novel showed Fitzgerald to be talented, but labeled him too pessimistic. She said she hoped he "will some day acquire a less one-sided understanding".

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