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Visionaries Mystics and Stigmatists: Down Through the Ages [Bob Lord, Penny Lord] on exensencienor.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. St. Catherine of.
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Thirdly, as her confessors suspected her visions and took the trouble not even to examine them, she did all in her power to hide them, to stifle them, so to say, in her own breast. Still she continued to address herself to the same directors from whom, however, she had naught to expect but stern rebuffs and bitter humiliations.

She left to God the care of enlightening them to His own good time upon the origin and character of her supernatural gifts; and she rejected, as far as in her lay, all that could modify or ameliorate her painful position, testifying only charity, patience, and sweetness toward the authors of her trials. Passing over the other points, we shall limit ourselves to a glance at the twelfth and last: viz. Benedict XIV here supports his opinion chiefly upon Suarez, who establishes as an incontestable principle that, in the study of revelations, it is chiefly to be considered whether they are in perfect accordance with the rules of Faith and sound morals, rejecting as illusory and diabolical every pretended revelation in contradiction with Holy Scripture, tradition, the decrees of Councils, and the unanimous teachings of the Father and theologians.

Even those revelations which, without contravening the Faith, contain evident contradictions and serve but to satisfy vain curiosity, which appear to be the result of a purely human activity, or which, in fine, are opposed to the wisdom of God or to any other of His divine attributes, are to be suspected.

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And here the illustrious pontiff asks what should be thought of revelations containing statements apparently opposed to the common opinion of the Fathers and theologians, revelations which on some particular point, give details quite new, or which affirm as certain what has not as yet been pronounced upon by the Church?

If the reader desires to apply the foregoing rules to the revelations contained in this work,3 he will find therein absolutely nothing wounding to the principles of Christian faith; on the contrary, he will fully satisfy that there are few books which enable the soul to penetrate so easily into the mysteries of our holy religion, or which impart so speedily even to ordinary minds the knowledge of that art of arts which, according to the author of the Imitation, consists in the meditation of the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In vita Jesu Christi, meditari.

They who knew Sister Emmerich best testify to its fidelity. In conclusion the author declares his unreserved submission to the decrees of Pope Urban VII of March 13, , and June 5, , in consequence of which he claims for whatever is extraordinary in this book but a purely human origin. Convent of Gars on the Inn, Bavaria September 17, The baptismal register, St. She was the fifth of nine children, six sons and three daughters.

Gerard, the youngest brother, never married. James, Rev. Hilswitte, was also alive and remembered having seen Anne Catherine for the last time in He testified to her reputation for piety, but the particulars of her life were unknown to him. In distant cities she was better known through Bishop Wittmann and Clement Brentano.

We shall retain the title throughout this work. It was a little old farmhouse, or rather a barn in which man and beast dwelt peaceably together.

The worm-eaten door opened into a small room whose only floor was the well-trodden ground; this was the common room of the family. To the left were spaces cut off from the main room by rough board partitions, and strewn with the hay and grain scattered by the cattle; these were the sleeping apartments. The chimneyplace, rude and primitive, consisted of a stone slab or iron plate cemented into the ground; on it glowed the fire, and above it hung the kettle from an iron bar. The smoke, after depositing its soot upon the rough beams and dingy chairs and table, the handiwork of preceding generations, escaped as best it could by any chink in the roof or walls.

The rest of the dwelling was given up to the cows, which were separated from their owners only by a few stakes driven into the ground. At a later period a small addition of two bedrooms was annexed to the principal building. In front of this humble abode stood some aged oaks, beneath whose shade the wonderful little girl of whom we write often sported with her village companions. James, Coesfeld, a city about half a league distant. I longed to see the place of her birth, the cradle of her infancy. I found it an old barn, with mud walls and a moss-covered thatched roof. The rickety door stood invitingly open, and I entered to find myself in a cloud of smoke through which I could scarcely distinguish a step ahead.

A look of surprise from Bernard Emmerich and his wife greeted my unceremonious entrace. But when I introduced myself as the bearer of messages and compliments from their sister, they received me most cordially, and the little ones, shy at first, came forward on a sign from their father and kissed their tiny hands in welcome. I saw no other room than the one I had entered, a corner of which was partly partitioned off. In it stood a rude loom belonging to one of the brothers.

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Several old chests blackened by smoke displayed when opened the novel sight of straw beds furnished with feather pillows. Opposite this room was the still more novel spectacle of the cows behind their stacks. Cooking utensils garnished the walls and from the rafters hung straw, hay, and tow black with soot. Here in this dingy atmosphere, in this disorder and poverty, was born and reared that favored child, so pure, so enlightened, so surpassingly rich in intellectual gifts; here was her baptismal innocence preserved untarnished.

Thence I went half a league further to Coesfeld to visit the church in which she had received the marks of the Crown of Thorns. It was here, in the parish church of St. Clement Brentano himself was born September 8, My visit to this beautiful old church filled me with the sweetest impressions. From it I went to see the old pastor, Father Hartbaum, whom I found still quite vigorous, despite his years. He did not seem fully to appreciate his former parishioner, and he expressed surprise at the interest manifested in her. He struck me as one of those who would willingly see things remain always the same, who care not to deviate from their daily routine, whose horizon extends not beyond the range of their own intellectual vision.

It is forked like that which, at a later period, was imprinted upon her own breast. Tradition says it was brought from Palestine in the eighth century. Here it was that Sister Emmerich received the Sacrament of Confirmation. I afterward went to the Jesuit church in which, at the age of twenty-four, probably in , the Crown of Thorns was laid upon her brow by her Heavenly Spouse, as she prayed toward midday before a crucifix in the organ-loft.

The so-called communion-table stood in front of that altar from whose tabernacle had issued the apparition of the Saviour to Anne Catherine; the feast of the Reformation, that triumph of apostasy, is here annually announced from the pulpit; and the grand old organ, near which she prayed at the time of the miraculous favor, has been replaced by one or more recent make.

At present, the church is used by both Catholics and Protestants, and I was told that the Countess von Salm, as if she were sole mistress, had tried to deprive the former of their right to worship in it. She also arrogated to herself the privilege of quartering her people on the Capuchins whose monastery is not far off, and she loudly complained of the annoyance caused her by the sound of the morning bells calling the faithful to Holy Mass. This church, capable of seating two thousand, is one of the most devotional I have ever seen.

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The whole interior is in perfect harmony, the carving of the altar, the communion rail, and the furniture most elegant and elaborate. Some might wish it a little more lofty, but that is its only defect. The beautiful floor looks as if covered with a rich carpet. As soon as it shall have passed entirely into the hands of the Protestants, they will destroy its richly carved altars as too suggestive, perhaps, of the honor once paid the God of the Eucharist.

Thither she lovingly turned whilst working in the fields, tending her flocks, or praying by night in the open air; and from Coesfeld it was that the bells of the little convent of the Annonciades struck upon her ear, awakening in her soul a longing desire for the cloistered life. This same convent now stands dismantled and deserted.

Visionaries Mystics and Stigmatists, no. 1

It is not surprising, therefore, that she took a lively interest in the little city, and that she was deeply afflicted at the decay of Catholic piety, even among its clergy, owing to Protestant influence and the diffusion of the so-called enlightenment of the age. The Holy Scriptures are not, indeed, found in every family, nor are quotations from them common, but the practice of their sacred lessons is plainly visible. Instruction for the people adapted to the wants of the age, began wityh the present generation, the teachers both male and female having been formed in the school of Dean Overberg, Dean Overberg was a renowned priest, a great catechist, and an experienced confessor.

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He wrote many books on Christian Doctrine for the use of both teachers and pupils. Dean Overberg lived and died loved and venerated by all. His praises are heard on all sides and his zeal and simplicity shed a blessing over all his undertakings; yet none dare affirm that his efforts have rendered them more pious and faithful than their forefathers.

Though Sister Emmerich entertained the greatest veneration for him, yet she often declared her opinion, corroborated by her visions, that the poor old village schoolmasters, sometimes obliged to follow also the trade of tailoring to gain a sufficient support, received more abundant helps from God as pious instructors of youth than their modern co-laborers puffed up by successful examinations.

Every work bears its own fruit. When the teacher takes complacency in his labors, when he finds therein a certain personal gratification, he consumes, so to say, the best part of the blessing accorded him for his task. Our people do, indeed, read and write much better than their forefathers; but with their improvement the devil daily sows bad seed in the way which springs up to choke piety and virtue. I drew near softly and peeping over I saw a ragged little girl about seven years old driving a flock of geese before her, a willow switch in her hand.

Gems of Mysticism, Order of the Christian Mystics

Praise be to Jesus Christ! Good Father, who art in heaven! Hail Mary, full of grace!